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Golf Tips for Lefties!

Finding useful info to help left-handed golfers is no easy task. There is an abundance of material available for right-handed golfers, but precious little about those who are left handed. We hope to change that.

We have put together some simple tips for left handed golfers that are highly effective. A good golf swing has the same mechanics regardless of the side preferred, and once you get the game fundamentals down pat you can move up to the advanced game aspects.

Keep Your Head Down

Beginning golfers have a tendency to lift their head during the swing, and this is true with left handed players as well as their opposites. This is the biggest and most common mistake mad be those new to this game. When you lift your head during the swing, normally due to temptation to watch the ball, you will throw off the mechanics of the swing and could end up with a poor shot.

Rotate Your Body Properly

Improper rotation is the second biggest mistake that both left handed and right handed players make. Your hips and body should rotate completely and fully as you swing, impact the ball, and then follow through. If you are a left handed golfer this means rotating to the right as much as you can for the power you need. Your rotation should be led by your right hip, and then your hands and upper body should follow. This will give you a solid hit every time.

You want to lead the swing using your right hand, but the swing should be finished with your left hand. You need to combine the dominant side of your body and your dominant hand so you can properly drive through the ball when you make contact.

Follow Through Completely

A complete follow through is critical. You should end the follow through on the balls of your feet, instead of being flat footed or ending up on your heels. Ending properly, on the balls of your feet, ensures that you achieved maximum hip rotation and power with your shot.

Know Your Course

Course management is another important aspect for left handed golfers. Most courses feature dogleg holes, and these are holes that will veer off, either to the left or right. Effective play on these holes requires a draw shot, and this shot will give your ball a controlled curve off to the right for left handed players. Right handed players who use a draw shot will have a curve off to the left.

Draw Shots

Searching for tips and advice on draw shots for lefties will reveal little material and information, because the material is typically written for right handed golfers. This can be remedied by simply reversing the directions, and then taking the time needed for practicing these instructions. Mastering the draw shot will help your game now and in the future.

Find Clubs that Work For You

One last tip for left handed golfers is to use the proper clubs. Many golfers who are left handed will use right handed clubs, and while you can do this you will not realize the full potential that you have for this game until left handed clubs are used. Left handed clubs can be found online, at sporting goods stores, and even at the golf course shops.

Don’t Forget to Practice!

Practice makes perfect, and this is true for left and right handed golfers both. Go to the course, whether it is Eagle Chase Golf Course in Charlotte, NC or you have another favorite, and spend time practicing. This will help you master your skills, and give you a much better game.