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Effective Drills For Putting

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good short game. Golfers who can’t putt consistently well are adding strokes to their game. Putting drills are a great way to get a lower score and will help you use fewer strokes once the green is reached. A number of golfers reach the green and then start losing strokes, and effective putting drills can help stop this.

There are three elements that are essential for effective putting:

  1. a smooth swing
  2. a square club face
  3. distance control.

Each of these elements is outlined below.

Smooth Swing Maintenance

There should be a clearly defined goal and specific purpose for any putting drills that you perform. This drill will help you with a smooth swing, and this swing is essential to a solid strike on the ball and tempo maintenance.

Place your ball down onto the practice green, and then insert a tee approximately one foot behind your ball. Bring back your club until the tee is slightly nicked, and when this happens immediately start your fore-swing. Your hands should be still and your arms should move in a pendulum motion.

Keep A Square Club Face

If your club face frequently opens or closes when you hit the ball, this putting drill can help. Place your ball down onto the practice green, and then insert a tee approximately one foot behind your ball. Place a silver coin approximately 6 inches in front of where your ball is. Bring back the putter until the tee is touched, and then swing the club forward while you watch to make sure that your club face is square when the coin is passed over. Repeat this process until your club face is consistently square.

Distance Control

Distance control is one of the most important putting drills you can use. Hands on practice is required for this drill, because you can not master distance control without touching, feeling, and practicing. There are a large number of distance control exercises that you can use, but one of the most effective is also the simplest.

Place five tees in a line, with four feet in between each tee so that the last tee is 30 feet from you. Once the tees are placed then practice hitting your ball so that each tee is consistently reached. It is okay if the ball goes slightly past the tee, as long as it does not stop short or go well past the tee. This exercise should not be done with a cup or flag because these can be a distraction and shift your focus to accuracy instead of distance control.

Don’t Stop There – Keep Practicing!

These putting drills are just a few of the many that can be found online and from the pros. Practice each drill consistently, whether you do this at Carolina Golf and Country Club or some other course. The more you practice the better your game will get, and the lower your score will be. And don’t forget to download our free report, Secrets to a Better Golf Swing. You’ll be surprised at what you learn…